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Engine Backfires R1150rt

Mark James

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Mark James

The engine has always backfired during deceleration on my bike. We did a ground up restoration on the bike when it was changed from an RTP to a touring RT. With the exception of the engine, just basic 70k maintenance. Clutch, alternator belt, battery, a new/takeoff stock exhaust, and many extra's.

Can anyone give me a clue where we could look. Do the throttle cables need to be synced on fuel injection?


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Morning Mark



First place to start is to verify the correct CCP is in fuse box.


Next place is to verify that no air leaks into the exhaust, that all pipe attachment's are tight & leak free. (Air sucked into the exhaust on decel can cause post fire popping in the muffler)


Then you can get more creative & look for muffler internal problems like internal rust holes & partially burnt out baffles.


I presume that you still have the stock exhaust system & no aftermarket fuel controllers? (if either of those are not stock then post fire popping is difficult to stop)




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