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SRC to Sena


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I have an SRC system in my Schuberth C3 pro and want to be able to talk with my buddy who has a Sena on his helmet ( not sure which model). Can these models connect by doing a standard paring of helmets?

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Haven't done it yet but in the same situation. Been told and read it's possible with the new 10s (which I have) and the 20s. The older SMH10, no.



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Yep, the Sena user just needs to invoke the "universal" intercom pairing sequence. The SMH10 can do it if it has the latest firmware flash. I have both an SMH10 and a 10s.

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What I have found with the Sena SMH10 is that I could not pair to my friends Ncom in the universal pairing mode, But I was able to pair up using the multi point pairing mode, don't ask how or why but this works. This is the only way we found to be able to make the different units talk to each other. My unit is still paired up to my phone so I can receive calls and listen to music

Then when you start pairing your bike and your GPS and other Bluetooth devices everything changes,The more devices you pair up the more things change.


I guess that's life in the Bluetooth world.


Just my 2 cents

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Sitting here with my buddy and our user manuals and we cannt connect he has the latest sena sm 10

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The SRC has only 1 button to put it into pairing mode. The sena seems to

E a little more to it. Any suggestions?

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This seems to be one of the issues with Bluetooth, not all mfg. are created equally.

They all claim that they can connect to other manufactures, but ???? it don't always work that way. My riding partner and I have had many discussion on this topic. He bought an N com and everybody else has Sena units. Bottom line if you buy all the same units you have a lot less issues, yes hide sight is always 20/20. good luck with your units you might find a way to make them connect but then again you might not.

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11.1 Universal Intercom Pairing


1. Turn on the 10S and a non-Sena Bluetooth headset that you want

to pair with.


2. Press the Jog Dial for 10 seconds to enter the configuration menu.

Rotate the Jog Dial until you hear a voice prompt, “Universal

intercom pairing”. Tap the Phone Button to enter into Universal

Intercom Pairing mode and the blue LED will flash rapidly and you

will hear multiple beeps. Please refer to section 14.12, “Universal

Intercom Pairing” for more details.


3. Perform the operation required for handsfree pairing on the non-

Sena Bluetooth headset (refer to the User’s Guide for the headsets

you want to use). The 10S will automatically pair with a non-Sena

Bluetooth headset when each are in pairing mode.


Can't say this worked because I haven't tried it yet but, this is from the online manual.


Sounds like “Universal intercom pairing” is where you need to be.




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Sitting here with my buddy and our user manuals and we cannt connect he has the latest sena sm 10


SM-10, or 10S? 10S is the new one.

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My SMH10 paired to both a Scala Rider and to a Harley intercom via the universal intercom without issues.



You can have an intercom conversation with non-Sena Bluetooth headsets using the Universal Intercom function. Non-Sena Bluetooth headsets can be connected to the Sena Bluetooth headset if they support the Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (HFP).


The working distance may differ depending on the performance of Bluetooth headset that it is connected to. In general, it is shorter than normal intercom distance since it uses the Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile.


The Universal Intercom affects both the phone call connection and the multipoint connection (mostly used for GPS connections for riders). You cannot use a multipoint connection device while you are using the Universal Intercom in case as below.


1. If a non-Sena headset doesn’t support a multipoint connection,it cannot use a phone call connection while using the Universal Intercom.


2. As for Sena headsets, the Universal Intercom affects the multipoint connection.


3. If non-Sena headset (already paired as Universal Intercom with Sena) is turned on, then the multipoint connection is automatically deactivated. And the non-Sena headset is automatically connected to Sena headset as a Universal Intercom. So you cannot use multipoint connection devices such as GPS, while a non-Sena headset is turned on.


4. Even though you disconnect the non-Sena headset as a Universal Intercom, it will not automatically restore the multipoint connection. To restore the multipoint connection, you should turn off the non-Sena headset first, then try to connect to multipoint device manually from the device screen or simply reboot the device so that it automatically connects to the Sena headset.


17.1 Universal Intercom Pairing

The SMH10 can be paired with non-Sena Bluetooth headsets for Bluetooth intercom conversation. You can pair the SMH10 with only one non-Sena Bluetooth headset; if you pair with a different non-Sena Bluetooth headset, the previous pairing list will be removed.


1. Turn on the SMH10 and a non-Sena Bluetooth headset which you want to pair with.


2. Press and hold the Jog Dial on the SMH10 for 8 seconds until the blue LED flashes rapidly. You will hear a voice prompt saying “Universal intercom pairing”.


3. Perform the operation required for handsfree pairing on the non-Sena Bluetooth headset (refer to the users’ manual of the headsets you want to use). The SMH10 will automatically perform pairing with non-Sena Bluetooth headsets in pairing mode.

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My post regarding the SMH10 applies to the 10S as well. The only change is holding the jog button for 10 seconds instead of 8.

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