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Lock Cylinder replacement for rear seat -14 RTW? Help


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I have an extra rear seat for my RTW that needs a lock cylinder. Anyone know which cylinder it takes? Have called a few dealers with no luck.


Cylinder w key for that cylinder is what I'm looking for.


Thanks in advance for any help .



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The bmw parts fiche calls for this lock cylinder for the dualseat.

5125 7698 204.

You'll get a lock cylinder WITHOUT KEY and a sack of lock wafers. To key to your bike, the dealer can help or see YouTube. Be sure to use a light grease when assembling like white lithium or even Vaseline .


If they knew their luggage locks, they could find you a pre-keyed cylinder with key, but why would you want a separate key ? I think you clouded the issue by not knowing the locks for both seats could be keyed alike.


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