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Need advice 2002 r1150rtp maintenance stuff

SJ David

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Ok, earlier I had posted that I found out the timing chain rails, tensioner rails were broken in my bike.


So with manual in hand I tore my 2002 R1150RTP down, completely.


Which was good, I found out that the hydraulic tension pistons that press on the tensioner rails for both the left and right cam timing chains, had been worn completely thru and the noise I was hearing was the springs being cut down by the timing chains.


Also the main timing chain for the crank and cam was just in as bad shape. However the rest of the engine was well within spec, just amazing.


So I ordered parts and re-assembled my engine, put it back in the frame, serviced the transmission and drive assy and re-installed it too. Got the wiring and fuel system done.


I only installed enough parts and systems to run the engine. I wanted to be sure of no leaks and no problems that would necessitate engine disassembly again. It started right up.


So I installed air filter and mass airflow sensor and the exhaust system. This time when I started it, the idle was a bit ruff, I figure that was because I needed to balance the throttle bodies. I found that the seals and bushings in the throttle body shafts were really worn, so I made new ones and will install those tomorrow.


However in the manual it says I can not balance the throttle bodies without the MOtech analyser, is that true? I have electronic vacumm monitors for balancing dual and quad carbs and dual throttle body engines.


Also can someone point me in the right direction (I could have sworn I saw it on here before but can not find it) for the instructions to reset my MOTECH computer to factory zero settings?


I think part of the ruff idle and accel was also due to the MOTECH had made adjustments to compensate for the bad problems in the timing due to the broken parts, and I need those settings to be erased.


Also in the manual it says you have to take the bike to the BMW dealer to power bleed the ABS system. Is that true ? Can someone steer me to the proper procedure to do it myself?


I am so excited because I am so close to finishing up my bike and to get riding again. Thanks.




I am making a web page that will show all the pictures of the tear down and rebuild for those that are interested. The engine went fast, just a couple of days. However removing everything needed to get the engine out took a week of 4 hour days and putting it back took only 2 - 5 hour days. Was alot harder than I thought it would be.




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OK, thanks it worked great for getting it to run smoothly and balancing the TB's.


Now how do you power bleed the brakes, can not find anything on that. Is it just regular brake bleeding?




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