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Review of New Format for ERC Course


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I’ve seen a few posts recently on the ERC course, so I thought I’d relay our experience. My wife and I took the new ERC course this past weekend. They call the new course the ERC Suite. In the past the ERC course spent a half day in the classroom and a half day on the range. The new format keeps you almost exclusively on the range.


Here’s a review from a relative newbie (i.e. less than 50K miles)


The drills went something like this:

• Simple right/left turns concentrating on looking through the turns

• Slalom through straight line of cones followed by offset cones

• Slalom course with right hand only (left hand on hip)

• Tight S-turns

• Stop and Go without touch then ride down a very narrow stretch as slowly as possible getting the feel of riding with the clutch in the friction zone

• Crossing over obstacles (2x4). Getting up out of the saddle and accelerate through

• Full power braking from 20 mph 2nd gear

• Swerves left/right, straighten up, full power brake from 20 mph 2nd gear

• Progressively tighter U-turns at 20 mph 2nd gear, set entry speed and roll on throttle through turn. Tightest turn allowed downshift to 1st.

• Figure 8s in 28 ft x 40ft? Box, concentrating on shifting off the saddle

• Go through turn at 20 mph 2nd gear. Straighten up and full power brake

• Run though most of the elements we learned on final course


The MSF suggest the course for someone with 6 months of 5000 miles experience. I think that is about the right time to take it. I did get some excellent pointers, but I found the drills to not be excessively challenging. I had been practicing figure 8’s in an 18ft wide box, so 28ft seemed huge.


Riding abilities varied wildly in the group. One lady, mid-50’s with 83K miles I would not want to be on the road with. Another guy, late 50s with the highest mileage (Concourse) was the only one who dropped his bike when he applied full brake while leaning.


The RT does present some challenges in some of the slower speed maneuvers. I really had to concentrate on throttle control to avoid the jerkiness. Also, I got up to 7 heat bars several times during the course, so I shut down while waiting my turn.


In summary, I am glad I took the course. I did learn that I was not looking through my turns enough. I would have liked some more challenging drills. I would definitely recommend the course for someone with the MSF recommended level of experience.


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I've got to "audit" the new ERC to be certified to teach it. Many of the excercises are modified versions of day three of the BRC course so there is not special training required to teach the new ERC.


I think the ERC is excellent for a rider who is new to riding, has taken the BRC, bought a bike and has gotten familiar with it. He or she can then do many of the BRC drills plus a few more on their own bike. It's also a good refresher for the rider that doesn't do many miles. If you only do 1000 miles a year and lay your bike up for the winter, then the ERC is an excellent refresher. One class in the suite is a two up class. If you've never ridden two up, it would be a good class to take with your pillion.


It's also good to take to keep that insurance discount in force. smile.gif

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