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Rubber plug for timing window


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Through my own stupidity and carelessness I pushed the rubberized plug through the hole and into the flywheel housing. Are there any tricks to retrieving it? Are there any major problems in my future, if I cannot retrieve and leave it in there?


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Charles Elms

It's going to be down below the flywheel, so no issues there. I'm sure lots of RT's have pushed in plugs accumulating there. I usually had a few spares, but when I didn't, I found that if you clean the area well with a good solvent, a small patch of duct tape will cover the hole for a lot longer than you would imagine. All you want to do is keep water out.

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Here is a tip I used to install the rubber plug. Look closely at the rubber plug. It has a ridge rim which goes into the hole. BTW, mine has a straight edge on one side. I used a stick with some sticky stuff to hold the plug at the hole. Then, pushed the rounded rim edge into the hole (carefully), then pushed the straight side in.


I was prepared to put Gorilla tape over the hole but it was not needed.

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You can also get a replacement plug for an airhead. It fits perfectly and is much thicker and harder to push through.

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