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2007 RT Stock exhaust


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I've got a full stock exhaust (zero miles) for a 2007 RT and I don't know what it's worth. This is NOT an ad to sell this unit, but I may be putting it up for sale in the future. Right now, I'd just like to get an idea of what it may be worth. There are none on eBay or in the classifieds on this site, so I have no comparables to base it on other than the list price from the factory.


This system, as ordered from the factory, is north of $3,000. But I'm guessing practically no one does that. There are plenty of nice, light, great sounding aftermarket units available for far less. So, my thought is an asking price of around $1,000. Does this sound right? Too high? Too low. Anyone have any real-world experience with this?


The background is that the original owner outfitted the bike at the time of purchase with a full Remus aftermarket system and Ohlins shocks (among other upgrades). I purchased the bike from him and became the recipient of these items. I also have the stock suspension with zero miles also, so if you have any thoughts on the worth of those I'd love to hear it also. Thanks for your help.

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The only market, probably, would be someone with the same era/model who had worn their stuff out.

So, a lot of miles.

At that point who knows?

May not want to put $$$$ into a bike worth 4 thousand or so

(WAG) based on high mileage bikes and not hearing of any worn out exhaust systems.


Most likely half the price/or so, of OEM price, at best.

Again, people more likely to put Wibers/Ohlins etc rather than stock since that isn't an "upgrade".

Now someone with high mileage and original shocks might bite, but why would they pay anything close to aftermarket shock prices?


Nice dilemma to have...

Best wishes.

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CoastRider -


Understand yours is new, but just for reference you might check prices on used ones at BeemerBoneyard ***link***

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Found shocks on BeemerBoneyard (14,000 mi.: $225), but no stock exhaust. Seems to me that someone could be looking for stock exhaust as accident/damage replacement.

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