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Father/Son Team Takes On The Baja 1000


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If you've ever wondered what it would take to run in the Baja 1000, here's your answer. Father/Son Team Larry Janesky and son Tanner from Connecticut gets it done! :thumbsup:

Quite impressively I might add! :clap:




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It is a well-made video. I usually don't have the patience to watch those all the way through, but I did that one. One question I find interesting: Where is the wife/mother in all of this. With that much involvement of a father/son I would have expected the rest of the family to be there at the start and finish at least. Also, the Wikipedia page on the father, Larry Janesky, doesn't mention his wife or family which is unusual. It took some searching but there actually is a wife, and two daughters as well.

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Glad you enjoyed it, Will. Yeah, I was hesitant in posting because of its length but thought the same as you, it was very well done! :thumbsup:


A hint in the beginning of the story told of Larry's success in business. I'll bet ya the support alone he received from Chris Haines and Co. was north of a hundred grand.


Not sure about his wife and other children but, I think it's possible to have very different interests in the same household. Especially if, you're rich rich rich! :grin:


I did a quick search also and it appears that they lost their home to a devastating fire a year prior to the race. Talk about not letting negatives distract you and being focused on the task at hand! :thumbsup:







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