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Repairing R1100RS Speedometer Cable


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For anyone has a snapped speedometer cable, with a jacket still intact, I just successfully repaired my speedo cable using the Motion Pro 01-0107 kit. Purchased from amazon for a grand total of $13.05. Only issue I had was staking the u end piece with the given tool, ended up just using a punch.

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Shiny Side Up

I did - not on a motorcycle but on the tach cable my Farmall 350.

Used a similar kit you did - worked like a charm. IIRC I used a vise to stake the end pieces.

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I am a cheapskate at times! however, I would always get my speed cable inners from a bike breaker such as MotorWorks. I have, however only had one break on my 1150 and that was well over 50000 miles ago. So, I would do it again and i'd recommend that to anyone else in the same position.

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to which motorworks do you refer?


I used MotorWorks in the UK which is a bike breaker along with MotoBins and James Sherlock, much like BeemerBoneyard in the 'States.

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Anecdotal endorsement for the Motion Pro kit.

I used a dremel and cutoff wheel to cut the cable to length, made several practice cuts on extra length before final cut to be confident how it would cut.

Rounded the cut end with the dremel to get best fit inside the installed end.

Crimped the end on in the vise and then used hammer to ensure maximum crimp.

Could not have worked any better.

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