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This is gonna be fun!


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I just got back from the Branson Blitz last night. On Saturday, Eebie, BMW Rich, Gabe Guttierez and I did about 200 plus miles, much of it in the vicinity of Eureka Springs. It was a marvelous time, and I'm still reeling from it. The roads down there are wonderful in more ways than one. Besides being just plain fun, I was surprised by the beautiful condition in which they seem to be kept. The quality of paving and road surface was fantastic, and there was virtually no problem with debris of any kind. Even the tar snakes, what few there are, seemed to be mixed or covered with some kind of grit, and presented few worries. It was a blast!


Yooz guyz 'n girlz is gonna have fuuuuun!


Kudos to whomever picked this place!!! grin.gif

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Thanks for the report, Raaaaan... just what I needed to rekindle the spark! I'm probably gonna just keep my saddlebags packed and ready all summer...


OK, OK, I'll do laundry after Torrey! What to do between Torrey and the UnRally?


BTW, how was the Branson Rally?

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Here's some Topo USA illustrations of the area we rode through:


MO 86 north of Eureka Springs:




US 160 east of Branson:




Northern Arkansas with Eureka Springs in the upper left corner:



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Well....Looks like its official....I am IN for the UN....Mitch and I are staying with Mr. Knapp. We will be coming from an different direction than we are used to. We will be spending the weekend before the UN in Greenville, SC for a private Homebrewers Octoberfest. Then vacating SC on Sunday afternoon and making our way towards AK. We might try and hit Deals gap on our way there. Something tells me I am going to sacrifice another tire to the tire gods for this one. grin.gif



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