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Ohlins front shock rebuild


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Finally tracked down the mystery oil leak that first showed up last spring then disappeared only to show up again this spring.


Good news it isn't from the engine bad news is the Ohlins seal is blown.


I have the basic rebuild instructions and have the shock torn down ready for the new parts I hope to be able to access locally.


In the instructions it says to fill the shock body with shock oil to the recommended level according to the specification card. The same is said about the Nitrogen charge pressure.


So far my google searches have come up empty on this information.


The shock is a 46 ER from a BM 124 Kit.


Anyone have this info ?



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Talked with Ohlins USA support and while they don't recommend taking a DIY approach they understand not everyone has a easy access to a service center.


They do ask that their proprietary information not be spread around so I'll refrain from posting it once received.

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