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Chris Ulrich two up rides (Video)


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I imagine a good majority of us would probably react the way this guy did, at least I know I would. :eek:


Sure looks fun though!




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Gives me a better feeling for what my pillion experienced for

thousands, and thousands of miles.


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It is an interesting course, even if you are in charge of the throttle. The first time I came under the bridge, I became dis-oriented as I looked to the horizon, there were two pit lanes and the road in front of me. In turn one when you lean the bike you just see this wall of pavement in front of you until you get 3/4 of the way up, look to the left, find the tree and lean like hell!. It is a fun course, Road Atlanta.


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I did about 4 laps as a pillion behind Jason Pridmore at a school at Putnam Park Raceway, west of Indianapolis. I believe we rode a Suzuki Bandit, 1000 cc or more street bike with street tires. He hammered it! it was a great experience and showed how skilled he, a pro AMA Superbike rider was. Also showed the decent grip from the tires of the day, Dunlops i believe, had. And the stock bike suspension wasn't too shabby either; held its composure accelerating and deceleration hard.


Last time I rode pillion.



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