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Stick Coils


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Has anyone used Beru stick coils and are they as good, better or the same as BMW coils?


Morning Bumwah


You kind of need to define the coils that you are looking at.


Beru makes/supplies a lot of OEM BMW coils but also make, or at least supplies, some aftermarket coils also.


I do know a few riders that have bought (non BMW branded) Beru stick coils on-line & they seem to work OK, I can't say how long they will last but so far I know of no failures.



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I'm using the Beru's on my R1150RT and they have worked fine for a couple years and maybe 12,000 miles. My only complaint is that they did not come with the rubber boot installed. I had to reuse the boots from the original sticks which were glued on. I believe that the new BMW sticks come with the boot.

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I received the coil from Bob's... installed and Whaa Laa...

My motorcycle is back... normal idle, normal low RPM start off the line, Smooth acceleration...

The Dream continues...

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My 2004 R1150RT started running rough last year during a long ride. When I got home, I spent a lot of time fussing with it. The valves were spot on. But the TB balance was off compared to the setting from just 4000 miles earlier when I left for my trip. I reset the balance. It seemed to be running OK, so I forgot about it.


Fast forward to this spring, when I started getting ready for my next long ride (I don't ride much in the winter in Colorado). I expected the bike to be running well. But it was rough again. I figured it was bad gas from sitting all winter, and I added some injector cleaner, and departed on my trip. But this time it ran rough for the full trip.


Some internet research revealed this issue of failing stick coils. And I also found the great advice of how to check them: simply disconnect one when the bike is running. If the engine suddenly runs worse, then the coil is good. If there is no difference, the coil is bad.


When I tested mine, I found that BOTH coils were bad! I ran an entire 4000 mile trip with no primary spark. I am simultaneously pissed off and amazed. The bike actually ran OK above 3500 rpm. And the primary plugs did not show any adverse condition -- when I pulled them they were clean and light tan.


I bought the Beru's from EuroMotoElectric. I also installed Denso IK22 plugs because I anticipated that the primary plugs would be toast. But as I said, the plugs seemed fine, and changing them is just a precaution.


On first run after the new coils, the bike still ran rough. But, I shut it down, waited 30 seconds, and re-started. Now it runs perfect again.



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I recently bought a pair. I read a lot about the failures on the sticks and figured I would try them as they were aftermarket and might last a bit longer. I have had them in only two months or so but just got back from 1500 mile trip and they were fine. Bike idles great and no surging. I did have to transfer the boots from the old sticks to the new ones but they weren't glued on to the old ones.

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