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Nav V Annoying Alerts


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I have the Nav V on my 2016 RT. It's connected to my Android phone, which has the Smartphone Link app installed. Works great except I keep getting annoying messages at the top of my screen, and it also interrupts the music with a loud tone. The messages say 'small craft alert' even when I'm 40 miles inland. All day today I kept getting 'gale warning' even though there was no wind! I'm talking every 5 minutes. And the traffic announcement is no better, keeps saying traffic up ahead when there is none. I have looked through all settings for a place to disable messages, but can't find it. I hate to dump the app, I have a weather radar map where I can see the rain clouds up ahead, and other nice featrues. Any ideas?

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Short of disabling the Smart Link App, I don't think there's any way to disable the alerts. It's an oft-reported annoyance.

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If you have an Android phone, you can go to Setup and then to notifications and turn them off for Smartlink.

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I had to disable the app. While an occasional alert may have benefit and I did like being able to bring up weather radar, the constant "severe storm" warnings and such that repeated over and over got the best of me. No way to silence them, and they would sometimes make my headset drop bike to bike comms for a bit after coming up. Need to have an "ignore this warning" button to push. Once per warning is enough......

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