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How to cut down a too tall windshield.


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My new hack rig has a windshield that is about 2" too tall. What blade would you use in a jig saw to cut off the excess?

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YOu want to use the finest blade you can get. Meaning the highest tooth count. Like 24t per inch or higher. Plenty of masking tape on the area so you don't scratch the rest of the screen. You need to make sure the screen is supported, if it goes to jumping around when cutting that is how they get cracked. YOu can use a metal file to smooth it up some, then sandpaper to finish off to the degree you want. You can use metal polish to bring the edge to a nice finish.

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go slow and use a fresh blade. it's really easy to just melt your way through.


To get a good even line going, just scribe a line off the existing edge.


If it was me, I'd cut it just proud of the desired line, and then use a sander to do the last little bit. Best to use a big disk or belt sander, but a handheld prolly be fine. 80 - 100 grit maybe.


Same goes for sanding. Slow and easy. Don't melt your way through.

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I don't know what you're shield is made out of, but you can probably "flame" the edge (run a torch over it lightly/quickly) after you finish cutting/sanding to get rid of the white edge without having to spend a ton of time polishing.


Since you're going to have the cut-off 2" piece, I'd play with that first as far as getting the finish you want on the edge.

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I'd eliminate the possibility of scratching the shield with the saw base by covering the the area with wide strips of painters tape. Either mark the line on the tape and cut through it, or mark the shield and then apply tape tracks on each side of the line to support the saw. It's a lot easier to prevent scratches than it is to polish them out.


I've tried just taping the base instead, but bits of "sawdust" were trapped between the shield and the vibrating base, so it still needed polishing.


Do NOT sand and polish the edge until it is clear. It will act like a magnifying glass, focusing sunlight to melt your plastics. Leave a matte finish.

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Get a "Booster" chair :wave:



I'll sell you the AirHawk back, you can add a lot of air...


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