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Texting while driving

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What is for real is all the idiots texting and driving! :mad: I can't go for a ride without seeing at least one inconsiderate BAST*** texting while driving. The message is appropriate, but not practical for me as too much work using a dull knife. :cry:

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It gives "defensive driving" another meaning.


I've experienced a "knowing" about some drivers. Some call it 6th sense. I think it is just having ridden for so long. Helps to avoid SOME of the idiots.


Riding is a mentally challenging experience. Can not let your guard down for an instant.

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Joe Frickin' Friday

Too bad he hand-wrote it in such a small font; the message deserves a large, professionally printed sticker, something an idiot texter can actually read.


Not that it would matter, since they're too busy texting to see it...

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Thought about getting this for one of the bikes:



Generally, if they have their heads down when I pass, I give them a toot with the twin Stebels.

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