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Heated grip wrap up


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Morn all. 03 r1150rt. If you remember I was contemplating changing my heated rubber grips. Thanks for your advice. Here is how it went.

Purchased 2 right hand grips for $37 at Barrington BMW. Had to order them but they were there the next day. Took a razor blade and starting at the inboard side ,flared end , slit the rubber. As I got near the electric wires which are embedded in an amber (epoxy ? ) I lifted the rubber up away from the wires slightly, and took little cuts toward the outer edge. The only thing to watch for is near the end. Apparently some glue is applied at the factory right at the end, none in the middle . If you just yank the grip off you may peel the wire encasement away with the grip. Careful cutting works. If you do expose some wire, I used a little epoxy to cover the wire. To install new grips, heated them with hair dryer sprayed a lot of hairspray in grip and on bars ,slipped on the grips using a pull and push motion with a slight twist and they went on fine. After on , had plenty of time for minor adjustments. Hope this helps someone. Thanks all.

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