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Thanks for allowing me to join the group. I currently ride a Vespa 300 Super Sport.

Looking to purchase a C 650 GT or Sport.

I am 5'5" but weightlifter strong.

Will I have issues handling this bike?

Thanks to all who reply.


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Will I have issues handling this bike?

If you're proficient on the Vespa, I think you'd have no problem on the BMW. :thumbsup:


Welcome, even if you keep and only ride the Vespa. It's a cool ride along with every other two wheeled (three for that matter) freedom machine out there. :revit:



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Shiny Side Up

mcisk - Welcome!


Nah - you shouldn't have any trouble handling a C650. I rode a used one a couple of weeks a go at my dealer. They do have a lotta "scoot" to 'em!

Don't know this for a fact, but one of the mechanics said they'd run around 100 mph.

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Most BMW dealerships offer test rides, and if the Vespa isn't an issue, the C 650 shouldn't be either.


I'm riding a Suzuki Bergman 650 right now. 3/4 of a Goldwing, lots of storage space and weather protection, what's not to like?

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Better check the maintence cost on that scooter.

It's breathtaking.

It's a great scooter, the power unit is made by Kymco who makes some of the best scooters in the world.


But the chain drive (enclosed) was an error, I think .

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Indy Dave

Welcome. I have nothing valuable to add (but seldom admit it).


Good Luck!



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We tend to advocate ATGATT on a mc, and pics posted of your ride.

Look forward to seeing yours.


Shiny Side,

They'll do over 100 no problem...


Now handling, they do pretty good, not the same as a tele/duolever set up, but , some prefer that, right?


You can add big bags, and take them anywhere, just ask Jacqueline.

Ride Tale!!!

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