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Looking at a 2007 RT


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I am looking at This 2005 R12RT I had an 1150 and knew what to look for. Is there anything particular to the 1200 I should be aware of?


Afternoon ltljohn


Look for engine oil leaks or signs of older oil leaks (both front & rear of engine).


Looks like aftermarket shocks on bike (look for leaks at shock seals)


Verify that ABS (power brake) system is working OK.


Check for rear wheel wiggle or excess wheel or swing arm movement with hot bike on center stand.


Make sure that the engine runs good with no abnormal noises.


Make sure trans shift smoothly both up & down through all gears.


Check for slipping clutch on uphill moderate power launch.


It is difficult to judge a used bike from just a quick look-over & short ride so I usually judge the seller as much as the bike. Can you trust him? Are all his other vehicles & toys in good well kept condition? (if all his other things are junked looking with just one shinny bike then that one shinny bike was probably treated no differently & was probably cleaned up & touched up/shined up just to sell to an unsuspecting new owner).

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D.R. pretty much tagged all the bases for you, as usual. :thumbsup: I enjoyed my 05 for seven years before getting distracted, that's a longtime for me. :dopeslap: Oh look, a butterfly! :grin:



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I had and loved an '05 RT.


DR's list is good and it applies all pre-owned bikes not just an '05 RT... so don't think there is any special item just for you candidate-bike.


The '05/'06 did have Servo assisted brakes. You can think of it as as "power brakes". When you apply the brakes- either hand brake or foot brake you can hear a whine-sound.


That is the servo kicking in and its normal and not an issue. The issue would be if you did not hear the whine.... and You might want to know the technical term for those systems is: "Whizzy Brakes."


They are very effective but have one thing that concerns some people but which I did not find troublesome. The brake hydraulic system service- which needs to happen every 12k miles or so... has one more step than bikes of earlier generations, or for that matter those of '07 or newer.


No big deal but you ought to know about it.

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If you are buying from a previous owner, try and get service records to see if the machine is up to date in fluids changes, valve clearance checks, alternator belt, the before mentioned braking system and all those checks DR described. You can easily spend $1000+ on getting the bike up to date on service at a dealership, if it is not already. Take that in account when agreeing on a price.



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Take a chance!!!


2006 RT-bought used in 2010 with 5800 miles on it-did not test ride, nor hear running. She has 97k on it now. Replaced tranny at 80k or so. Certainly a test ride would not have caught that issue ;) Brakes flushed at 60k (first and only time, still whizzes), belt changed at 93k, oil/tranny/final drive changed at normal intervals (or close enough), one coil to fail. Idles smooth and runs strong, nearly daily rider. (so to many, I'd likely not be the candidate to buy from ;) )


2014 HP4-bought used with 1500 on the clock, did not test ride, but did hear it rev a few times. Only one oil change on the books.


2010 Shadow, bought new off the lot in 2012-no test rides nothing, only has 6k on it (wifes ride). Meh,...it's a Honda, doesn't need maintenance.

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John in VA

Bought a used 2006 RT with 1600 mi and later issues included cracked fuel pump, 3 or 4 failed fuel level strips, all under warranty. Then at around 19k two oil leaks from the transmission case and a failed ABS modulator ($2400 part). Those last pricey items happened a year out of warranty and despite a week of negotiation by the service manager BMW said too bad so sad -- not a dime of help. Not even a plastic key fob. Maintenance was meticulous and by the dealer so that was not a factor in ABS failure. Great bike to ride but personally, I'd look for a 2007+ when BMW dropped whizzy brakes, though many last 100k+ mi.


My 2c experience.

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2006 RT with 76k on it. Dealer replaced fuel pump after recall ring failed. other than a leaking slave cylinder which was replaced, never has eaten a fuel strip, not once. It ate a light bulb once.


It has eaten lots and lots of rubber, oil, and gas.

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