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Robert Mayrand

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Robert Mayrand

I was planning on subscribing to the moa road service. Do any of you know if there is a limited number of tow included. I know that it's limited to a hundred miles, but no where is a mention of how many tows in a year. Asked the guy responsible for the moa on the forum, but he told he did'nt think so but to call the service provider. But i'm out of the country and my spoken english isn't so good. So i tought I would ask here.



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I have MOA towing insurance. Thankfully have never had to 'enjoy' its benefits. My take, and I think it is legally supported, is that if the agreement does not say terms are limited, terms are not limited.

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FWIW- I wouldn't buy Progressive if they were giving their "service" away... Will reply to PM's about why- if needed.

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Ymmv but I just signed with progressive in March


More coverage for literally half the price of Foremost

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It's important to understand your insurance company's towing policy. I needed towing in N. Florida and the company wanted to take the bike to a small shop in Pinetta, FL. I asked how they determined that this shop had any expertise with the RT, or any BMW. They said that the proprietor told them that he'd WORK ON ANYTHING.


I realized that the bike was still under warranty and BMW towed it over 100 miles to the dealer in Jax. I immediately cancelled the other policy.


The bike's out of warranty now, and I doubt that Foremost would tow to a dealer if there was another shop closer. Does Progressive really do that?

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Just to be clear and not to get too far off topic ... I have never bought motorcycle or auto insurance based on their towing policy. I have used AAA for my autos and never "bought" towing coverage for motorcycles other than what has come free for 36 months with a new BMW motorcycle. I was considering upgrading my MOA account to include roadside assistance since I really never considered "insurance towing coverage" to be for simply breakdown but rather for accidents.

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Hmmm, anytime I've had my vehicles towed (no bike yet), the insurance company asks me where I want the vehicle taken, they don't tell me where they recommend it being dropped off. My policy also covers out of gas, flat tire, issues.


All of my policies have roadside assistance/towing at a phenomenal price of about $0.33 per vehicle (six months) and $8 per motorcycle (per year),....I don't see any reason to purchase an outside policy/club type of program when I get the same service from my insurance companies.

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I bought Allastate RV Roadhelp (covers bikes) because any other provider I checked had limits on how far they would tow you, without me having to pay out of pocket for the towing miles over that limit. I once had to cart my RT for 5 ½ hours from Wyoming to Salt Lake City (BMW warranty would not cover it, so I borrowed a friend's pickup and did it myself). I have RV Roadhelp now, even though my bike is still under warranty.

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Insurance policies vary by state, and costs and terms offered in one state may be be different or unavailable in another.


In Ohio, my Progressive Roadside Assistance runs $15/year.


It includes the following services when necessary due to a covered emergency:

1. towing of a covered disabled motorcycle to the nearest qualified repair facility;


2. labor on a covered disabled motorcycle at the place of disablement.


It also includes Trip Interruption Coverage when over a 100 miles from home:

When a covered motorcycle is disabled, interruption expenses consist of the following:

1. up to $100 per day for lodging;

2. up to $50 per day for meals; and

3. up to $50 per day for alternate transportation.

Interruption Coverage is limited to $500 per disablement.


My agent (and family friend) says that in his experience, a "qualified repair facility" has always been the nearest dealer, without mileage limitations.


On the BMWMOA plan, the fine print says coverage includes up to three bikes with no mention of limiting the number of tows, either per bike or in total.

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FWIW, I totaled a car on the ice three years ago with Proressive.

They were perfect.

After $1k deductible, I still "made" a grand over what I payed for the car to begin with.

They were very fair.



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I lost a full day trying to find a rear tire for my GS it is possible to be far enough out of reach from a BMW dealer and in my case anyone that had a tire close enough to work.

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