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Defective submersible fuel hose

Robert Mayrand

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Robert Mayrand

Following an another thread in the oilhead section (woes of a bad day...), I tought it would be nice to warn people here of defective submersible duralast hose I bought.


In february, i bought some submersible u-shape and hose from EME, that I installed a few days ago, they blew in my tank r1100rt in less than 500 miles. It seem that the product was mis-reprented to EME as injection submersible, but unfortunately they were not submersible, and shoud be removed immediately if they were installed. I'm happy to see that EME is offering outstanding customer service to resolve this issue wich seem simply like an honest mistake, and took care of me beyond hope. Thank Norman at EME!


They removed the defective product from their website and the u shape they are now selling and the submersible hose are from bmw and are OK. The defective products were submersible hose and u shape hose from duralast. The parts number of defective products are:


Parts #. FP-UHose808: U-Shaped Fuel Hose - BMW R Oilhead & K1200 ; 16 14 2 325 808 / EnDuraLast. 23.61$


Parts #. FP-Hose040: Submersible Fuel Hose BMW R Oilhead & K - 8mm ID / 13mm OD - 1 Meter long ; 16 12 1 180 040, 16 12 1 180 409 / EnDuraLast 19.95$


You are welcome to share this information on other board, but If you do, please don't bash EME, as this has been was of the quickest and best customer service I've seen in years! Anyone can male mistake, but it's what you do to resolve it that make you bad or great, and in this case they were great. Thanks again.



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