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Happy Birthday, Marty!!

Hope today is a great one filled with plenty of wonderful stuff to do and enjoy.


Not that it matters, at your age, you'll forget it all by tomorrow...

Buy you one at START.


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Thanks guys, I'm thrilled and very lucky to be riding the GS at 81. See you friday if I can remember where I put the keys. :dopeslap:

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Shiny Side Up

Happy Birthday Mr. Marty,

(We had a discussion some time ago about all the pictures you shared from your travels to Normandy and the veteran cemeteries located there.)


Hope you remember... LOL! :grin:

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Thanks to all of you! I do remember the conversation about my visit to the D-Day Beaches. Later on my visit to France I met some old folks who were there at the time/amazing conversation. Hope to ride in Europe again later this summer/fall.

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Who is this Marty Hill of which everyone speaketh ? :P and why do we care if it is his birthday. :lurk:


Hope you have many more :clap: whomever you are :grin: Linda says hi :wave:

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Marty, sorry i'm late, but belated happy bday. you must be getting tired of them by now.


i'd light a candle for you, but we're in a burn ban due to our drought.

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Marty Hill

Steve, every day is a great day! Let me know when your back in country.

Edited by Marty Hill
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