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Shiny Side Up

I have 6 different tire gauges of all prices and not one of them is within 5lbs of another.

Someone out there have a gauge preference that they feel is accurate?

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I bought one of these, and then used it to calibrate my other tire gauges.


Longacre 53003


Specs from the mfg: "Reads to .1 psi with .5% accuracy (1/2 of 1%)"

It has 60PSI range, so max error should be 0.3PSI.


If I remember right, it came with some sort of calibration papers. But I'm not 100% sure about that anymore.

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One Accu-Gage EZ-2 in the shop, three Milton S-921 pencil gauges carried in the cars and on the bike. They all happened to measure within one pound of each other when I checked them against each other using a tractor tire. (High volume, relatively low loss with each measurement.)


I'm more concerned with consistency than precision. I don't care if a gauge measures 38 psi when the true pressure is 38.7 psi, or even if one gauge reads 39 psi when another reads 42 psi. After the initial pressure is set, I may adjust my pressure depending on results. All checks are made with the gauge for that vehicle. The absolute number does not matter, as long as that vehicle's gauge shows me the number I've determined works best for that vehicle. It does not matter if the the bike's gauge shows a different number on the sedan than the sedan's gauge shows. Most of the time, I just want to know if the pressure has dropped.

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