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Mebbee somethings can't be avoided,......Part III


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No video of the actual incident, but,..... read on,.... You're riding along minding your own business, then suddenly, the road pops up,....geesh what a way to ruin a day.

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Ground Control to Major Tom Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.


Wow, I can see how that may have been hard to see if not on your game, completely!


Strange -hit.. :eek:



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tough going in atlanta these days.


Yep, just did a NC to SWLA and back,....ATL traffic sucks normally, but extremely sucks now.

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I've come to realize as life rolls on, (even if you're on your game) when your time is up, your time is up. :java:

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I always pull off, preferably under an overpass if one is available, if lightning threatens. 


That said,  this was horrible for his family, maybe, but quick, and to my thinking far better than living to 95, a gibbering idiot wearing a diaper.


My two favorite deaths are:

  • Fulton Freeman, former Ambassador to Mexico, President of the Monterey Institute of Foreign Studies, and an avid golfer. Massive coronary at the 18th hole of Carmel Valley Golf Club — while ahead.
  • Malcolm Forbes. Threw an obscenely expensive 70th birthday party at a rented castle in Morocco, flying in some guests on a Concorde. Still riding motorcycles, died in his sleep 6 months later.

My greatest fear in life is lingering past my "sell by" date.

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I wonder if the crash killed him or he died instantly from the lightning strike.  Also, I am curious if the helmet has any electronics built in.  



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