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Newbie - '00 R1100RS Prospect

Don Bryant

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New to the list. Getting ready to pull the trigger on a friends 2000 R1100RS with 40k miles (pending a new job offer). I've known the bike and owner for 9 years, meticulous maintenance and garage kept. He bought a K1600GT in 2012 and placed this one on the shelf (but kept maintenance up to date and ran regularly to keep the fuel system clean). I got to ride it for an hour on Saturday. Great ride - a little sketchy at first because it has been 16 years since I had a bike, so I was very careful to stay on back roads and slow down and cover the brakes at every intersection. I got up to speed and had some fun riding in-town roads, neighborhoods, and one sprint down the interstate.


I'll be using this bike for a new 30-mile commute as well as some long-distance rides for fun. I'm 6'1" w 34" inseam, so I felt a little cramped and awkward with the sport-touring setup. I will spend some hours in the saddle before making changes, but will likely reposition bars and pegs, ride a little longer, and make some seat mods (higher position, Russell/Corbin etc.) and possibly shocks/springs.


As with my other addictions (Porsche race/track cars, Ford PowerStroke Diesels, and shooting sports), this forum appears to be filled with passionate people with tons of experience. I look forward to talking with you and sharing experiences.

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Dennis Andress

Search is your friend. This board got its start by people with R1100 bikes figuring out how to service and repair them. Most of them are no longer active on the board, but what they wrote is around, somewhere...

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If you get the R1100RS you might want to look into Sargent Cycle for a new seat. They are located in Florida. I have had their seats for years and they are made and fit well. Currently have their World Sport Seat on my 04 R1100S. Here is the website, http://www.sargentcycle.com/. This a great forum to learn all things about the bike. Lots of help

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The thing to be careful about is what some folks did when these bikes were new. They would try to make an RT out of an RS or GS.


Anyway, back at the dealership I worked at, we would retrofit the factory hanguards from the GS to the RS.


Cee Baileys also makes several screens for the bike.

They also do a headlight guard that is good to have as back then, the headlight was glass, not the plastic of today.



Also Z Technik (National Cycle) makes a few acesssories for the bike. (No screens)



Adjustable pegs are avail from Creative Cycle Concepts.


They also have a slip on gear shift extension, great for big feet or non limber ankles.


Rubber brake lines have aged by now so steel braided are in order.

Galfer is about the least expensive.

They also have extended length for bar risers, order carefully.


The Seargent seat is good as mentioned, they may make a "tall" that you and your knees will apprcotate.


Learn the tips and tricks on that bike such as keeping the clutch adjusted, checking oil correctly, upshift above 3500 rpm, Don't lug it.

Use premium fuel. Winter you may be ok with midgrade .

Do he brake flushes religiously, use a battery tender always.

Replace th oil sight glass if itcstill has the one with the RED bullseye in the center.

Take care of it and the bike can last up to 200k miles and beyond.


You can PM with any questions or use Tri750@hotmail.com




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Thanks for all the guidance guys. I am a meticulous maintainer, so I just need to learn the tricks and the "lessons learned".


Tri750, I will be making it a little more comfortable for me, but not trying to make it what its not. I love lateral Gs, so I'll be working to keep the Sport side of Sport-Touring.


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I'm a lot taller/inseam.

Was riding an R100 RT for xxx,xxx's miles after other airheads.


Bought '96 R1100 RSL.

Yes, the riding position is more forward.

But, ride it like that for a while, please.


I found, as many others have, that this position takes weight off of sitbones, allows better riding inputs, and allowed all day riding.

Granted, YMMV, but you may like it.


Plenty of good advice so far, ask as you have questions.

Best wishes.

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