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Bulb replacement tip.


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Finally figured out a way to change bulb without totally losing it. But first need to see if my 03 1150rt is typical, as I bought the bike used.

Problem is ,while access is tight it is not impossible, however the spring clip is not captive and the bulb base just lays over the whole. It doesn't twist in or stay put until the clip is in place. While trying to secure with the two fingers I can get on the bulb or clip, one or the other pop out of place. Is this normal or do I have a wrong bulb base or spring clip set up ? If the clip were captive I could just flip it out of way , insert bulb and lower clip to secure with two fingers, or if bulb held in place I could fumble around trying to anchor clip without dislodging bulb.

My solution, insert bulb , stick some tape on base to hold it in place ( one side only ). Now I can fumble with the clip and secure the non taped side of bulb base, remove tape then clip that side. While this system works well and fast, should it be this complicated ?

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