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Oil and gas


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I think the RT is done squirting oil. Went on a long ride on Saturday over Mulholland Hwy in the Santa Monica Mtns, not a drop anywhere. However, I did notice a strong gas smell. This was the first time since the purchase I've put it through curves, and the gas odor was very strong for as long as I was in the twisty bits. Back on PCH, the smell went away. I'm thinking a seal needs replacement or something similar. Is the RT known for gas tank seal failures? I had just gassed up, but that odor was present in the curves for most of the day. I saw no signs, though.

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Sounds like a too full gas tank, plus heat from the sun, venting out the overflow tube. Maybe just don't fill the tank as full.



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A cracked disconnect would smell all the time, right? I only smell gas in the twisties, when the bike is leaning one way, then the other. Also, the gas tank level bar graph does not go all the way to the top. It shows the level down about two bars after a fill-up. I look into the tank and fill it to the bottom of the filler neck. I saw a Youtube post by Chris Harris, who said the charcoal canister could leak charcoal, which will get into a fuel hose, suck the sides of the float tube in, which makes the float stick, indicating an incorrect fuel level reading.

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Here's a good one.

In time, the rubber seal around the gas cap compresses permanently


The gas cap will appear fully closed and locked but unless you use your thumb and hear/ feel the "click" the cap is actually free to breathe, let fumes out, and be opened up without a key.

Mine is at that point now and you will swear it's locked by looking at it but a push will have it click shut.


I had gas fumes in the garage and had our tech search high and low for a fuel disconnect leaking, a cracked fuel rail, leaking whatever with no results.


That night I was checking things and son of a gun, the cap was flush, but not latched.


It's also a huge safety issue in an accident or tip over as the fuel will pour out with the cap free to open.


We had a local PD bike go up in flames after a slow speed crash and after investigation, that was the only plausible reason for the fuel to escape.

The rider did receive burns unfortunately.


I need to order a new cap as the seal isn't avail separately.


I'm sure a "K" bike seal from another model will fit, but who knows which one.

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The gas cap is a little different from any Honda or Yamaha, that's for sure. I did feel the click, and was able to do it without the key in. It seems the key is not required to latch the cap. I didn't check for gas at the cap at the time. I wonder if you could take the O-ring out and match it?

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If your quick connects haven't been replace with metal instead of plastic, do so.

And, I think, a bad o ring in them/or crack might possibly be intermittent until it went, not sure.


Key to open gas cap, remove.

Push down and hear audible click, check to be sure.

You wouldn't be first...

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