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Pictures from D Tool's Party


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Great pictures, Brian! I didn't know (by face) a few of those folks. Thanks so much for taking the trouble to post them.


The only thing you got wrong was the caption for Dick Frantz and Fernando. If you'll look closely, Fernando is showing Dick his wedding ring and saying: "[somebody help me here]."

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Brian...Awesome Pictures!!!!


I think it captured the whole event perfectly....just a bunch of hoons gettin' together to go wear out the sidewalls of their tires and eat until they can't walk anymore. smile.gif


I love the second shot from Friday's ride. I'd swear Tool's saying I don't give a sh*t what you guys say...I'm on the "Certified Hoonmobile"!


That's a great shot of Rick and Magdalene too!


My pics will follow shortly.


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