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Another 2017 on the Road


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Thanks, as to farkles:


When ordered, I had the following included in the Sale and Installed:


The Ilium Works Engine, Rear Guard Bars, and Highway Pegs.

The Clearwater Darla Lights with the CANopener3.

The Nav 6, when available.


While I was waiting for the weekend to ride, I then added:


The Machineartmoto Fender Extender Avant 12RT_LC.

The MotoReflective RK-18 Rear Reflector Set.

The Grip Puppies.


I do need to decide on a Tank Bag.


As to ergonomics, I will see what is necessary after a few thousand or so miles.



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Congrats!! :bike: I got the white one too! I have the SW Motech tank bag and the Ztechnik crash bars. Darla's are on the way too as wells a Werks wind screen

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Yes, I saw that beauty. Looking mighty fine.


The SW Bags are on my short list of possibilities, I am looking for a small daily one and a large touring one.


I haven't been out at night to try the Darla's, but, during the day, they sure are bright.


The Screen seems fine for me, not sure that I will need any other.


The Seat is hard, but, it's new, and I'm riding in 40-60 degree temps, so it is to be expected.


How is your first 600 going?


I am having a little problem, occasionally, with the 5K number. Pulling away from a stop, she just gets up and over it in seconds. There will be a few, very short, 6-7K hits on my record. It has to be technically improbable, if not impossible, for this to not happen.


Also, I have not seen the 5th and 6th gear yet, mostly 2nd and 3rd, 3-5K up and down, with a few short stretches of 4th. For the moderate winding country roads around here it's working fine, for the first 600 miles anyway. I will need to get out on the highway for a bit to make sure they are working.





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Idpenguin, Just got back from another break-in run and the bike has 910 miles. This Thursday it's going in for service. The Dealer told me that its better to have closer to 1K miles on the engine before service. I have done a combo of slab/ city and I agree the 5K limit is quickly reached!! I even had it off-road on a scenic gravel road in the Everglades to keep the speeds down and slow poke around. It handles the gravel with ease, almost like my old GS..LOL!! :grin:

I did ride a lot in 5 and 6th but down here we have no twisties :cry:


The Darla's will be here tomorrow !! Can't wait ! The SW bags come in a variety of sizes. I have the Daypack bag for now but will get a slightly larger one for touring too. The seat is tough even in 80F but the beadrider cover is helping a lot.

Safe travels! :burnout:

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I was able to get 2 Half-Days in, 150 and 200 miles, over the Holiday weekend. That work thing takes over for the weekdays. I'll see about doing a little less this coming weekend.


My Service appointment is the 29th, and with 50 mils to the Dealer I'm looking at coming in under 700 miles.


I'll get out on the slab for a bit just to make sure that 5th and 6th, along with the Cruse Control and Screen, works acceptably, then jump off and loop around back home. I should also take a short night run to check out the lights, I have them set on the default setting at the moment.


The Darla's arriving should be exciting for you and I hope that the seat being "Tough" at 80F is still a bit softer than at 50F....


Keep the rubber side down and enjoy.



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Looks like you're getting the (s)miles in too!!! :clap:


PS: the lights and the Werks windshield came in and I just got done installing it all.

OMG!, are those Darla's BRIGHT!!! I'm impressed... :grin:

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