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Electronic Suspension


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Don't know if this question has been asked before but now that the electronic suspension has been out since '14 how is it working out for the bikes that have it? Has anyone had issues with this system? How would you rate this system for reliability?



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Other than the replacement rear shock unit, I don't hear of any issues with it. I am at 27K and the system still works fine. I wonder if/when I may need to replace the shocks due to wear, but I also think I can just use "dynamic" mode more if the damping seems to soften up.


If I had a bike with perfectly set up Ohlins or Wilbers I am sure I would be quite happy without ESA. Now you can get aftermarket shocks made to work WITH the factory ESA, best of both worlds. I do very much appreciate the ability to adjust suspension preload with ESA over the manual method.


I suspect ESA is one of those things that once you have it on your main bike, you won't be without it again.

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First bike I've ever had that handles great with a passenger. Just a few taps on the wonderwheel and the bike changes between two up or one. I've had manually adjustable suspension on other bikes but the bike always handled worse with a pillion. Jusr Brilliant!

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BTW, just for the sake of accuracy only - the RT have had ESA, or what you refereed to as the electronic suspension, for very many years now. Well before the '14 RT!! :) The wetheads ('14+ RT) just have the improved version.

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The dynamic ESA is the cats meow. It makes small adjustments as the road conditions change. As mentioned if you don't like your ride you can change it with a couple of button pushes. I'm sure Wilbur and Ohlin are great shocks, but I have no desire to have to set up a shock or get off and span it as conditions change. Under normal riding I just leave mine in normal, but if I decide to go at it hard or get on a rough road I click it to hardest setting. You can actually feel the preload adjusting and the handling of the bike change. So far, other than what Terry described, no issues with the system.

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Chal De Cecco

I am very happy with the ESA on my 2016 RS. The bike responds beautifully in whatever setting you choose to ride in. The first time it paid for itself was in a decreasing radius but high speed turn. You could actually feel the suspension tighten up as the turning resistance increased. On another bike without the assist, I'm not sure I could have held the tight line needed for this particular turn. The system makes a good rider into a better rider.

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That's what I did, just in the thinking stage and boom I ended up with one :bike:

THE ESA is really better than I expected it to be. I had some misgivings about this but so far so good..

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