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OK--I got one! (2017 RT-LC)


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So whats the consensus on windshields? The Cee Bailey worked well on my 07 RT but the new OEM shield looks closer to the CB's shape so I wonder if the improvement will be as dramatic...?


Who's got a Cee Bailey on the LC-RT?





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That color is really growing on me. Too late, since I bought a 2016 in root beer. It, the black, looks good too. I have a Werks and like it a lot. The lack of turbulence allows me to hear the sound system flying along at illegal speeds. In really hot weather one might argue that the zone is too quiet. I think Terry hit a home run with that shield.



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Werks screens get glowing reports on several forums.

Part of the reason for them being good is that they were developed by someone who owned a Wethead, so had a vested interest.

(Is that correct Terry?).

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I'm sure its a good screen. Just kinda looks like a CB knock-off lol.


Making a CB knock-off would have been hard to do considering the WERKS Quiet Ride RT-LC was on the market before CB even had one!



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Cool -- you chose the fastest color! :)


I don't know if there can be a "consensus" on such things as windscreens, saddles, tank bags, top cases, etc. It's what works best for you.


For windscreens, after trying several brands the BMW Comfort screen works best for me for its air flow and optical clarity. YMMV

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Bobbybob, you are gunna love it. I just got a 2016, same color as yours. I tried several windshields, Cee Bailey tall with the curve top, didn't like it at all. I live near Cal Scientific and tried 3 or 4 of theirs, no good. They didn't handle the wind, and the holes didn't align. I almost stripped the threads on the mounting bracket! I talked to Terry at Werks and bought one of his, tall. I like it. The main point is I don't think about the windshield. I'm not constantly adjusting the position. I just enjoy the ride.

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