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Headlight bulb out - should I use LED


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One of my headlight bulbs is out. I am thinking about replacing it with LED version. I welcome any experience and brand recommendations.

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I still have my stock bulbs, but from previous conversations along this line mimic what Dann just stated. If you can afford it, jump to the HID bulbs. I cannot remember who mentioned it, but they tried LED bulbs and had issues with spread of the beam (though I am not 100% sure on this). I cannot recall anyone saying they regret going HID.



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The Rocketman

On my '09 RT, I changed all three headlight bulbs to:

Osram Rallye 65W Ultra High Output Special Service H7 Headlight Bulbs


Also added:

Dynamic Motorrad LED turn signal bulbs all around (4)


And changed to:

Osram MiniXen 2886X Parking light Bulbs


All in all, much brighter & whiter than OEM bulbs, have lasted fine the past 2 years or so, and no modifications needed or possible issues with HID's or LED's.

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FWIW, From what I know, , that Osram Rallye 65w bulb has been discontinued.


Afternoon w2ge


Yes, according to Candlepower Inc they are discontinued.


They (Candlepower) did some testing & are claiming that the German Vosla H7 +100 bulb is very close in amps draw & lighting output.


I bought a few extra Osram Rallye 65w bulbs when they were getting scarce so haven't tried the Vosla H7 yet.

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Thank you it sounds like there is not a clear LED replacement and that staying with better bulbs is the way to go. I was hoping for a 5600 + lumens alternative which would also have high reliability.

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Any comments on amount of heat generated by these bulbs the GS lights are in a confined area have seen issues with some high intensity lights like sylvania

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