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Wilson leather riding jackets on sale - 60% off


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You can wear armor under.

Not my choice, though.


I have a 3/4 length leather jacket that isn't "armored".

It is from back in the day when textiles were "new".

It is padded, quite nicely, at typical areas, and, still looks great, with the abrasion, sliding qualities of leather.


It was my year round, even in 100+ degrees because there weren't options, or many back then.

I wouldn't hesitate to wear it even now.


But the one in the OP seems less protective.

Maybe those small pads are state of the art?


3/4 leather

No longer available

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Not armored but well padded in needed areas. My 1st Gear armored jacket actually all fell apart, the outside was fine but all the pads just disintegrated.

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What I don't need is another jacket, but that doesn't stop me from looking! I have several leather jobs and some textiles, too. I'm looking for a textile BMW jacket. There used to be a really good used gear store near me, but it closed when the owner moved East.

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