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Mebbee somethings can't be avoided Part 2


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Wow, that could have ended a whole lot worse! :eek:


Years ago up in Vermont I came up on a small dump truck hauling a demoed tool shed. Believe it or not, the roof section was sitting up on top of the load flapping in the breeze. :thumbsup:

Now, my lightning quick thinking said, (BBQ) :dopeslap: no, this wasn't a safe place to be. As I throttled up and went past, the roof section flew off the truck and I swear I had to duck as I went by. Glad the ultra wasn't selected that day. :grin:



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Saw on Youtube where a guy's own chap had come off and went into the rear wheel on a busy NY thruway. He went down right in front of a big Dodge pickup, who stopped, flicked on his flashers, and helped the guy out. Whew! Just goes to show... A friend of mine's Dad hit a MOOSE riding his Harley in Michigan!

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