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Auxiliary brake light kit 49liter top box


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I just got a 2016 with everything except Central Locking, and the Alarm System. The dealer assured me they could hook up the auxiliary lights even though the BMW site said it could not be done. After money exchanged hands the dealership discovered that they could hook up the lights, but it would be an extra $550. I complained, they agreed to do it without the extra charge. I paid substantially more for the premium top case just for the lights. And another $280 for the light bar. I feel safer, and don't regret the decision. BTW, I have seen in this forum about different CanBus gadgets that allow you to configure the light. It can be a running light as well as brake light, for example. Hope this helps.

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I just had the OEM BMW topcase brake light installed in my 49 litre topcase on my 2014 R1200RT by the dealer a couple of weeks ago when the bike was in for service.


Yes, the brake light is worth the money I paid for it. What's the cost of peace of mind, especially if you're like me and paranoid about being rear ended.


However, I'm surprised at the US price you guys are quoting.


My dealer's charge for the brake light was $187.88 ($Cdn), minus 10-percent discount for BMW club members, so $169.09 Cdn, plus 0.25 hours labour for installation.


That's a far cry from the $280 USD you're quoting.


The BMW brake light part no. is 77518520044. The light bar comprises 16 LED lights that light up only when the brake is applied; there is no running light function.


Are we talking the same light? If yes, I'm surprised because MC parts and accessories are always more expensive in Canada than the US.


Hope this helps.






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Does not AddMore not make a set to fit it?


You would get run/brake/turn signal from a AddMore kit. I have one in my Shade case.


If you use the factory light a ezCAN device can turn that brake light into a brake/flash on stopping/run/deceleration light.


I do not understand why lights in a BMW case would only be brake with no running?


As I say I would look at AddMore or add a ezCAN to a stock case as it gives you so much more to grab peoples attention, and a bunch of expansion ability's.



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Anybody put the aux brake light kit in their 49 liter top box. Is it worth $280?

It is worth it, IMO, for the same reason that I like the high brake lights that are now on all cars! However, do be warned that the aux. brake light LED only lights up when braking. That is easily fixed. If you are looking to add Clearwater lights to your RT as well, then you will find that the Canopener (electronic module that meshes to the RT's CANBus) has an output that you can use to drive the aux. brake LED so that it functions as a running light (always on when the ignition is on) as well as giving you several programmable brake light functions. Or, you can add another brake light module, like the one offered by Skein Design, and do similar thing.

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If I look that number up on Max BMW's site I get


01 77 51 8 520 044



And the note says:




Not sure the link will work:




That's very interesting the brake light part no. I provided would be "ONLY FOR REPAIR AT THE DEALERS."


My buddy with a 2015 R1200RT also had the same dealer install the brake light not too long ago. Same situatiin as me. His bike was in for regular service and he asked them to install the light. It was a new installation, like mine, no so-called 'repair'.


I think the dealers you're getting the price quotes from are zoomin' you.


We Canadian motorcyclists would never believe any OEM part or accessory could ever be cheaper in Canada than the U.S. Your dealer prices for the brake light sure smells fishy.



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I just bought a flexible LED bar and fitted it to the existing blanking plate in the lid (my bike has the central locking), so the brake light wiring is present behind the blanking plate. I just posi-tapped the wired and it works fine.


There are no errors with the GS-911.


I have a set of Clearwater Ericas to fit, and will hook the brake light into the Can Opener once fitted.

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I had the bike out of the garage yesterday and was looking at the back - I have a 2016 - the large top case, without anything on it screams for some reflective material or a light.


I expect I'll be taking a loan to get Clearwater driving lights and something to hook on the back of the case.


I might be taking a trip to Canada (only a few hours away) to get it though ;-)

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I had the bike out of the garage yesterday and was looking at the back - I have a 2016 - the large top case, without anything on it screams for some reflective material or a light.


One look at the rear of your RT with one of these reflective kits installed WILL install confidence that you WILL be seen at night!


Reflective kit


I think you want the RK-18 kit.

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