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07 ABS Motor bearing.


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Has anyone pulled the front bearing off the ABS motor? I'm wondering if a puller will get it off or will I need to cut it off?


I have the brake light back on with codes 24048 and 24049, again. I'll have to get serious this time and get the brush plate off.

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I may be doing the same thing to my '06 GS.


I haven't checked my codes yet, as the positive connector on the battery seemed really corroded. I am in the middle of "rebuilding" the connector with all the fat electrical wires coming together at the battery.


Did you find a tutorial or a youtube?

I seem to recall a youtube out there.




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Hi Nick,

If it's a late 06 model it'll be be the same ABS else you'll have the earlier whizzy brakes which I believe can be bypassed.


I've had mine apart a couple of times but have never removed the bearing to get the brush plate off so the problem comes back.


Dan posted his solution and he had to cut the bearing off. I'll need a dremel by the looks. http://bmwsporttouring.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=974346#Post974346


It's been all stop here as a cat 4 cyclone hit the coast. They got 165 mph winds about 600 miles to the north where it hit.

Once it crossed the coast it tracked south. It was down to 75 mph winds and buckets of rain by the time it got here.

I heard we got almost 20 inches of rain yesterday. Looks to be moving out to sea today and it's clearing.


The monster Cyclone Debbie.


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They say tonight we got 760mm (30 inches) of rain here yesterday.

Lots of towns are underwater and cut off.

They are evacuating small coastal towns south of here.

I've never heard of anything like that before.


We are 600 miles south of impact. Poor buggers up North have been blown apart and still have no power or water.



On the brighter side. Bought a dremel and ordered bearings for the ABS.

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Yes you have to cut the bearing off. It's recessed into the brush plate.

You won't find a lifter to fit.


Waiting on a new bearing to put mine back together.


Before Shot:



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