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Pollen season


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Any others out there with pollen allergy? Have you found anything that helps and allows you to keep riding?

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We have pollen, and then some.

Fortunate that it didn't make it miserable for me.

If it did I'd try one of the mask/gaiters, or take a silk balaclave and cut the top part off.

Something to filter the air.

Best wishes.

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Its always been manageable for me when riding locally, as my rides are usually just ~60 mins or so when commuting. I can get by with eye drops and some tissues most of the time. When it gets bad, or I'm traveling and I start feeling the pollen effects......I reach for Claritin D. I won't travel without out, I always carry the 12 and 24hr versions with me. I try not to take it as I don't like taking meds, but it has been a life saver for me to fight off pollen season and also beating the beginnings of sinus infections before they take hold.


That video gave me the shivers.....thats awful

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Singular or Alevert - The first is much better. We get pollen in North Carolina that is called the yellow/green rain. It has just started and a red car will be yellow by end of day. You can drive down the road and see vast clouds of the stuff blowing up ahead. They say that it is the result of all of the pine trees and that the pollen is to big to affect humans. Well if that is the case, there is something else blowing in the wind because I get employees calling out sick and also find I sneeze a great deal more during this period.

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I've been using Flonase for years. I think it's over the counter now. Best stuff out there.


I also usually have some Patanol handy for when those horrible itchy eyes get out of control. Instant relief.


Claritin is also a worthy alternative. I think it's also OTC.


All three are GLORIOUS drugs, and worth more than meth, IMHO.

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Dave McReynolds

As far as itchy eyes, I find that contact lens solution sprayed into the eyes directly from the bottle works well, better than just washing around your eyes with water in your hands from the tap.

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I've got a lot of sensitivity to ragweed. My solutions are:


1. Shower daily, or even 2x per day if the pollen count is high. That removes a lot of irritants from my body and minimizes exposure while I'm home or at work.


2. Run the air conditioning and keep windows closed at home. Again, minimizing irritants especially while sleeping.


3. Daily Flonase, although I try not to use is more than 1x per day during high pollen counts, as it is a steroid and can damage your nasal septum.


4. Claritin & sudafed with varying dosage.


When the pollen count starts to rise, I phase in the process to try to hold off using the drugs as long as possible. But if it's a bad year, I might need to do all four.

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