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32228 written on new bike?


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I purchased a new leftover 2016 R1200RT in January. It has been sitting in the garage because of the weather and shoulder surgery. I pulled the front seat off to check for mice and noticed just under the front nose of the seat just below the center of the tank on the plastic there was the numbers 32228. They were hand written(sloppy) with what looks like to be some type of white marking paint. Does anyone else have this and if so, what is it? Never saw it on my other bmw's.

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Hopefully I figured out how to resize so the picture can be seen. If you are able to see it you will see that it was a 5 then changed to a 3. I just find it strange this came from the factory. I guess I always think there is some conspiracy but is it possible the Dealer had something to do with this or is there some explanation for this painted number? Probably going to get criticized for wondering about this but no one else has mentioned they have seen it on their bikes.


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Is the part the number is written on cracked on the left side by the mounting screw??

I was wondering the same thing.



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On my 2006 RT when I took all the plastic off there was a hand painted smiley face. Assume it was at assembly and someone with a sense of humor.

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For those that thought they saw a crack in the picture it is just the angle of the picture. I went out and looked good at both sides where it looks like a rounded edge and they are identical and the way the plastic was molded.

I searched online and found pics of a wet head tank removal procedure and found a similar white painted 5 digit number but it was located a little higher than mine below the center tank outer panel. Pretty sure if anyone removed their tank outer panels they would find a similar 5 digit painted number. Guess I have been stuck in the house too long with this shoulder injury and need to find better use of my time. I attached another pic of what I found, hopefully it can be opened.


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Is the part the number is written on cracked on the left side by the mounting screw??
If you look at the same area on the right, you'll see the same thing. Don't think it's cracked.



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A couple days ago I questioned BMW Manhattan NY about it and the sales guy sent me a pic of a new RT on the floor with the front seat removed and it had a similar 5 digit number written in white paint, same area. Then got an email from the owner of the dealership saying they are the Factory Store and would never even think about tampering with a new motorcycle and if I went to any other dealership and pulled off a front seat he was sure there would be similar numbers. What surprises me is that no one from this forum mentioned having a similar number in that area. Either no one looked or remember seeing it. Guess it wasn't interesting enough to warrant a look. I start Physical Therapy next week, should give me something to do before I lose my mind hanging around the house.

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Mystery solved. I called and spoke to Steve from Max BMW in South Windsor CT. I asked him if he ever saw similar numbers and he assured me he saw them all the time. Even though I didn't purchase this bike from him I did buy 4 others from MAX and asked if he would be kind enough to pull a few seats off his RT's on the floor. He sent me a pic of two random RT's next to each other both with similar numbers in the exact same spot. Hopefully the pic worked. I had so much trouble but finally think I know how to resize pics now. I am now able to relax and not worry about this anymore. Seems funny now how much stressing I did over something like this. Case closed!!!!!


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I was so glad it didn't turn out to be some sort of tampered vehicle thing it didn't matter what the number was. I asked Manhattan BMW and they didn't know. I was going to ask MAX BMW but didn't want to hassle them anymore. Just glad it turned out to be nothing.

On another note my battery was dead and the bike wouldn't turn over. I plugged in the new Harley battery tender into the Gerbing pigtail that was wired to the battery and overnight the light turned yellow to green and it fired right up. I see there is another Seat discussion. Wish I could try a Russell but they are too tall. Not sure but I might try a Sargent.

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