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Your Experience with the Sena 10S Bluetooth

Michael B

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I currently have a Sena SMH-10. The sound was so bad that I changed the helmet clamp to earbud only, but it is a bit of a hastle.


Can you use the 10s with helmet speakers AND earbuds at the same time...does the earbud plugin cancel out the speakers?


The 10s costs just north of $200. Is it worth replacing my SMH-10 with the 10S?



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I have the 10s with built in earbud plug as well as helmet speakers. When you plug in the earbuds, the helmet speakers are silent.


Helmet speaker placement is EVERYTHING to getting good sound. 1/4" off and volume goes down noticeably.

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I have the Sena SMH-10 and I agree it does not offer the fullest of auditory sensations... but then consider how I use it.


(Your actual sounds may vary)


I load MP3's to my USB thumb drive. I plug the drive into the port on the starboard side dash box. The SMH-10 receives receives the music/radio by bluetooth then by wires to the helmet speakers. The speakers talk to me but I always wear custom made ear plugs (thanks to Arizona Al)... and thus I have the volume knob of the SMH-10 turned to full-on..... then I worry about high fidelity... ?


Nope I don't. Just happy to have the tunes/radio.

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I replaced my older SMH-10 with the newer 10S last year. I only use earbuds (can't stand in-helmet speakers, and I have Arizona Al earbuds too), so I just left the speakers in the box (they're plug-in). Is it an improvement over the SMH-10, yes? That said, as I was riding out to Montana for last summer's UnRally, I was caught in a torrential downpour (I'd never been that soaked on a bike before), and the 10S was rather wonky after that. Sena replaced it under warranty (after I got home), but I had a friend I was going to hook up with later in Colorado buy one for me online, so I'd have a working unit for most of my trip. Now I have two 10S, one which is still unwrapped in its box.

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Is your extra 10s up for grab? I'm in Montréal




Not at the moment, unfortunately. I'm keeping it as a spare, or to give to my wife to replace her SMH-10.

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