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Reset Service Light


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Is there an existing thread that can tell me how to reset my service light ('16 RT)? Or is a GS911 or dealer visit the only way?

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I use the GS911 and it has been useful for me. Especially now that the service light comes on based on the time between services in addition to mileage.


There is some discussion over in the K1600 forum about a low cost option. It sounds like a few guys have purchased an inexpensive interface cable and some inexpensive software which allows them to reset the service light on the big K bikes without the GS911 expense.


Take a peek at that thread here: http://www.k1600forum.com/forum/bmw-k1600-general-discussions/142609-reset-service-codes-diagnose-bike-free.html. I trust tried and true methods like the GS911 but these folks seem to have figured out a much less expensive way to reset service codes and maybe more.

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The GS911 wifi comes in 2 versions. The enthusiast version is limited to 10 VIN numbers. So we'd have to get the pro version with unlimited VINs. $399 vs $749.

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10 guys split the GS 911 costs.

Heck, even 5 guys and you're under the $130 number for the super dooper version and then ahve it available instead of just a rest option.




Like a tire changer.

Just takes some coordination and effort, reduce costs, increase ROI.


Best wishes.

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