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Where can I find this Bosch 69222 fuel pump part ?


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Last year I replaced my fuel pump with this one. I had to do fittings because the white plastic base wasn't included with the pump. Soon I have to work on my bike and I want to do a permanent job. I need this white plastic part. I tried with Bosch Canada but I never had any news from them. Do someone knows where I can find this part and what is the part number for this part.


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Check with Lori at EME. She is very knowledgeable and responsive. They have a good selection of BMW fuel pump parts, connectors, etc. MUCH better pricing than BMW. They are in Denver, CO.


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It seems I will NEVER get this damned part. I really don't understand why Bosch sells a fuel pump you can't use with a screen filter when you must use one.

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