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BMW R1100RT Carbon Fiber Engine Cylinder Head Cover Protectors.


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I recently acquired a 1996 1100RT. The bike went down at one time and one of the valve covers is scratched fairly deep. I was considering installing a set of carbon fiber cylinder head covers. Here is the link below. Has anyone had any experience with these. Should there be a concern with the cover inhibiting cylinder head cooling?


Thank you,


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Hey, JMitchell,


FWIW, I bought an R1100S a year ago with deep scrapes in the cyl head and didn't want anyone to think I put them there!! Had the same concerns about cooling and settled on these type engine guards. Much less $, easy install, better airflow, better engine protection (much thicker and softer plastic). And they cover most of where these type scrapes occur on the head. But not as snazzy looking!!

Engine (head) guard


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Airflow/cooling are great reasons to use the guards vs. covers IMHO.


If you want to touch the valve covers up beforehand though, I repaired and repainted my vertically challenged buddy's R1150R valve covers yearly starting with JB Weld to fill the deep gouges (if necessary), sanding them out, priming with self etching primer and hitting them with two to three coats of either simulated stainless steel or Aluminum VHT (high temp) paint. It held up well but we have now installed the aforementioned guards, which have already saved the valve covers from new damage several times. I have them on my Rockster and R1100RT too.


BTW: The guards are also thick enough to be able to sand out light scrapes if and when necessary.

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Those covers don't get that hot. They were used on quite a few race bikes.

However they are often Crazy Expensive, and the standard BMW Engine Protector Guards work pretty well.

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Hmmm. O.K., I suppose we are in the "opinions" realm here.


I have been on several rides where we have been stuck in intense stop and go traffic, for example,in Toronto at rush hour during tourist season. At that time our oilhead engine temps were really spiking, and when it then started raining our cylinders sounded like sizzling bacon. That's pretty darn hot. I would still be concerned about restricting airflow, and then even possibly melting those expensive covers if they got hot enough. I guess it depends on whether they are real carbon fiber and heat resistant or Chinese plastic knock offs. Myself, I will stick with the guards for more direct airflow against the metal valve cover surface (with paint). Once again, that is just an opinion. If someone wants to do some trial runs and then shoot the valve covers with their infrared thermo gun with and without the carbon fiber covers, that might prove interesting!

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