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R1150RT Centre Stand


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Does anyone know if a centrestand from an R1150RTP will fit an R1150 RT? Are they identical or if not what are the differences?

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The wheels having different diameters if the RTP has spoke wheels, right? And the RTP has some extra stuff for crashbar mounts around there, but I am not sure if they interfere with the centerstand...



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Even though the side stand mounts are different, they both have holes in the same place for the center stand. I can't see any reason why they couldn't be swapped.

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Can't find a microfiche for an R1150RT-P

Look up Max bmw. They have the microfiche online. Anything for an RTP will be noted by "authority vehicle" or something like that.

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As far as I know the RT-P is the law enforcement version of the RT. So, I would think most of the P mods would be re-enforced crash bars, improved electrical and cooling, etc. That being said, the center stand should be just a normal center stand and should easily swap between the two.

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