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tankbag and keyless ignition system


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I just purchased 2016 RT with Keyless ignition system, will be getting it delivered soon. The Givi 308 Tankbag sells the ring, model bf17, for the gas tank mounting but the webpage says the ring is "Not compatible with BMW Keyless Ride models".


I don't understand how this is a problem? Will all of these types of gas tank ring mounted bags have the same problem? I was also considering the Givi 3D tankbag or the SW Motech EVO city tank bag.



Any advice is appreciated.



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Had the SW city bag on my keyless GSAW and it took a unique ring (longer screws or something) and it worked great. If GIVI doesn't sell a compatible ring just use the SW Motech.

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I put the BF17 ring on my new 2017 RT with keyless ignition. It fits just fine and I haven't had any problems. Not sure why they say it's not compatible. The ring came with a "C" shaped inner partial ring and 4 screws that replaced the 4 I removed to mount the ring.

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I prefer the Givi bag to the SWMotech, both are nice. I went with the SW Motech Evo daypack because of the specialized tank ring. It is a little small but the 308, which I really like, looks too big. I don't have local dealer to try different sizes so I went with daypack. It definitely looks great on RT.


Thanks for everyone's input.

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