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Headlight adjustment knob


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I have a 2011 RT and i have notice some drivers flash there light on me so i think my headlight needs to be lowered. The problem is that the adjustment knob on the dash is stuck, i do not want to put to mutch force on it that i break it. Any hints and tips on what i can do to loosen it up? I did see an exploded diagram of the unit so i know somewhat how it works.


I am from norway so my spelling and grammar is not the best.

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My 2012 knob broke when it was new. Replaced a broken collar piece inside under warranty. I left it fully screwed out or in the loose no tension position. It's a good feature but a cheap design. Be careful forcing it. It may be in the full up or down position against the stops. I believe the knob has a set screw holding it on. See if you can remove the knob and get a better look at it.

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I took i to my garage today since i have second hand warranty on it. The knob did turn you just had to use force on it, i did not know how mutch but i know now. One bulb was not seated properly so thats why i did blind other drivers. So its all good now.

Only thing i need now is something to protect the engine and exhaust from dirt that comes from the front wheel.

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I've had the Avant for years...it's an awesome fender for my RT, and my son's GS. No holes in the OEM fender. Latches on with pressure screws and has never come loose (4 yrs later).

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