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Shorai Question R1200RT 2005


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I cannot honestly from experience answer your question. From what I read on Amazon, the battery comes with foam to "pad" and fill in the empty spaces the battery created by being so small/light. No one stated on Amazon (and there were A LOT of 05-12 RT owners) they needed new and or extra mounting hardware for use with this battery. The height is the same and the included foam padding gaps created elsewhere.

I hope this help


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Thanks Mike - I have a foam substance waiting but I am not sure about the terminal connections. Side vs. top - It kinda/sorta looks like the battery comes with a universal type connection but I have no idea.

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I owned a 2005 200RT for ten years before I traded for one of the new LC models. I had tried many batteries (BMW and other suppliers) before I switched to the Shorai. For me, installation was a very simple issue - just dropped it into the battery box, without any additional support. Connections were straightforward. I liked two things particularly (1) the weight reduction was substantial and (2) the battery lasted many years longer than my previous batteries including the BMW offerings (which were for me the worst of the bunch). I had to buy the charging unit of course, but I was a big fan. Only sorry I don't have the same option for the new LC models. I would switch if I could.

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