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Video: "One of Those Days"

Joe Frickin' Friday

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Joe Frickin' Friday

Got five minutes to kill?



Video summary: Hard to summarize. Just a very entertaining downhill ski run, OK? Try it - you'll like it. I swear.

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Oh yea! I can remember when I used to do that kind of stuff! :grin:



No-------Wait a minute--------I guess those were just in my dreams. :wave:



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Watched the Day Two after this one, not as many incidents, but some awesome stuff "too".


About half way through he does a leap/flip and an eagle appears

just off his mid flip turn, not sure how the cued the eagle to appear so close.

He does stuff that any sane person couldn't even imagine.

Thanks, hadn't seen any of these.

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Follow links to his instagram shots, video explanations etc.

He is the best free style skier in the world (supposedly).

Day two has some skateboard type moves through a lodge that are


In the comments some called "fake" but it was rebutted with enough info that for me I believe.

Day Three, the interlopers were in place to interact, names on the road in chalk by folks who wanted in the video.

There are video shots of him actually doing things like the waterskiing from another POV.


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I'm thinking photoshop - there are some things that well, just don't seem possible.


Yeah, they had me right up until he stole the horse from the Amish guy. :cuz:

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