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Radio antenna

Tracy B

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I'm looking to add an aftermarket stereo system to my '96 r1100rt which has the power wires and speakers already. I also have the radio, mounting hardware, and everything except the antenna.


I've been thinking about using a hidden style antenna that can't be seen. Has anyone else done this? What did you use? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Evening Tracy B


Yes, I have done this a few times-- I use the short length flexible antenna from my local auto part store. I just kind of tie strap it under the front cowl.


Works great for local FM radio stations but not quite as much range for remote country riding.


What this setup is really lacking is in AM radio reception, close local only & lots of static from non shielded standard ign coil.


If you don't care about AM then you should be fairly happy.

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Tracy...I have one of these on my boat. it works great for AM/FM. However I can tell you I'm never more that 50-75 miles from shore so not sure what range you might desire on your bike. The site also shows one for a motorbike, but I have no experience with it. They say it is guaranteed to work...for whatever that might mean.





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Has anyone used this product before

Biketronics BT87 Hogtenna?

Considering it for my project.

It's supposed to work through any plastic or fiberglass fairing as long as there is no metallic paint used.

Price is pretty reasonable too, around $40 shipped.

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Afternoon Tracy B


That appears to be an amplified antenna. Just keep in mind that it will amplify everything including ignition RFI. You will probably be mounting the antenna fairly close to the unshielded ignition coil so keep that in mind.

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