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97 R110RT Turns over but wont start.


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Hello all. I'm new to the group and am having problems with my 97 R1100RT not starting. HES sensor was replaced a few months ago so I'm sure that's not the issue. Rode out to the mailbox Sat, ran fine, bumped my gear shift by accident while it was running in neutral just before I tuned it off. Thought I heard some weird clacking under the console. Got back on bike, attempted to start, turned over fine but wont start. Checked fuse box, had a 4 amp fuse blown, think its for parking lights. Replaced fuse and it made no difference. Have had many issues with this bike and any tips to avoid another trip to the dealer would be appreciated.

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Evening mstevens


Have you tried holding the twist grip about 1/4 open then try starting?


Does the dash & gauges light up & act like normal when you turn the key on?


Can you hear the fuel pump run for a couple of seconds at key on?


Make SURE that fuse #5 is not blown.

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Morning mstevens


OK, the easy things are covered--


If you hear the fuel pump run at key-on then the side stand & kill switch are good.


If starter cranks then that part is good.


If fuse #5 is good then the Motronic (should) be getting power.


So you will need to dig deeper--


Next step is to remove a spark plug wire from one of the spark plugs then snap it onto an old (known good) spark plug, then lay that spark plug on the engine & crank the starter. (you need to see a snappy bluish spark across the spark plug electrode gap)--If no spark then check green wire to ign coil for power at key-on. (if no power then post back here)


If spark OK then you will next need to disconnect the fuel return line, then plug the one coming from the front & point the one coming from the rear into a container. Now turn key on & look for pencil sized stream of fuel going into that container for about 2-3 seconds.


If it cranks over OK then you must be missing spark or missing fuel to the injectors??



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Well I dug into it as deep as I could. It now sits at the BMW shop getting looked at....at $95. per hour. Seriously considering letting this bike go, has had many issues.

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Thanks to the guys at Gulf Coast BMW South of Houston for finding the problem. Was the ignition sensor under the cowling, had a loose bolt cuasing an error. Best of all, no charge!

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.......... Was the ignition sensor under the cowling, had a loose bolt cuasing an error. .......


I would like to understand that better.


Which sensor? Where?



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Wish I could give you more info, Was something I couldnt find so I left it to the dealer. I still dont know the exact location of the sensor.

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Is'nt that the Hal sensor ?


Afternoon GroceryRun


Do you mean hall sensor? (HES). That stands for "Hall effect sensor".

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Sounds like the Hall Sensor mounting plate was loose and moved away from the pickup. The dealer most likely relocated it and tightened the mounting plate. If this is in fact what happened, your a lucky man, because the dealer could have charged you for a couple hours of labor.

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