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Heated Clothing RX (Repair)


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This is kind of post that is fun for me because it helps the members here and it helps a friend of mine as well.


As some of you know, I ran Sales and Marketing for Gerbing's Heated Clothing for the better half of a decade when they were in WA. Long story short, they were acquired by a capital investment group in 2012 and moved to NC, where a few of the WA employees relocated and continued to work for them. I returned to my roots in SoCal. One of the people who went to NC is a great guy named Cupid Roberts (yes, that's a nickname). Cupid's role at Gerbing's was in R&D. Even though he's been with the company for 22 years, he's modest and wouldn't brag about how many good ideas he had and the role he played in some of the products and advancements in heated clothing during his time at Gerbing's. But I worked with him and I can tell you that he was passionate, precise and an innovator.


Well, he's now opened up a new heated clothing repair business called HeatedClothingRX.com. He's not only repairing all brands of heated clothing, but he's an official, certified repair center for Gerbing's Heated Clothing, Gyde Heated Clothing, and is also an expert on the Harley-Davidson Heated Gear. So I'm going to give him a recommendation here. I know him, his standards, his ethics and I've seen his work. I know how thoroughly he knows the product, and I believe he's one of the sharpest people out there. If your heated clothing has any electrical issues, if you've got an old plug on there somewhere with a cable that's starting to crack, if you've got the old style SAE plugs and want to update to the new coaxials, if your controller is acting up, HeatedClothingRX.com is the place and Cupid's the guy. In fact, he's even authorized to do warranty repair and get Gerbing's or Gyde to cover the cost (except shipping).


Check out his website and give him a call if you need his expertise. I'm going to put a link to his business in our Where To forum so that it'll be available to everyone long after this thread has faded.

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Just looked up his shop, I know exactly where that is. I lived in Kernersville from May 2007-Jul 2015, now live 20 minutes north. If'n ya need me to stop by and say hi, I can.

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Great info - I too live about 1 1/2 away from K-ville, NC and my Gerbings liner needs some work.


Thanks ...


Tell Cupid that BMWSportTouring sent you.

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